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Repeating Sturgeon Behaviors

By Hallie Ladd and Aaron DeLonay Scientists in the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project have learned from long-term telemetry tracking studies that female pallid sturgeon in the Lower Missouri River can spawn as often as every 2 to 3 years and … Continue reading

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Recapture Efforts Have Begun

By Hallie Ladd, Kim Chojnacki, and Aaron DeLonay Since 2004, the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) has used telemetry tagging and tracking methods to locate individual sturgeon over long time periods and to record data on movements, behavior, and  habitat use.  In … Continue reading

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

During the past few months, Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) biologists in Columbia have been planning and preparing for a controlled experiment to develop a better understanding of the behavior of pallid sturgeon embryos at the critical moment they emerge … Continue reading

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The Deer Island Restoration Project, Iowa

Story by Robert Jacobson I finally had a chance to visit the Deer Island restoration site the week of April 1 (fig. 1).  Deer Island is a 2.5-mile long reach of the Missouri River near Little Sioux, Iowa where the … Continue reading

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Do You Want Ice With That?

Icy blasts of arctic air brought bitterly cold temperatures to the Missouri River Basin late in December 2013 and early January 2014.  The frigid temperatures created significant ice flows in portions of the Lower Missouri River, hampering pallid sturgeon tracking … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Spring?

It may seem a bit early to ask this question, but the spring spawning season is never far from CSRP biologist’s minds (see previous post Thinking Ahead).  Preparations for the 2014 spring season started early in the fall when crews … Continue reading

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Long Distance Runner

The phone rang late on a Saturday morning near the end of the 2013 CSRP sampling season.  Crews that were out hoping to catch another female pallid sturgeon to implant and track were calling in with news.  The weekend crew … Continue reading

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Where The Boys Are

For the past several seasons CSRP biologists have intensively and meticulously tracked female pallid sturgeon to their spawning locations.  All this attention on females is because biologists can easily tell when a female spawns by the presence or absence of … Continue reading

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Rising To The Challenge

CSRP biologists working on the Missouri River have no shortage of challenges; each year brings a fresh crop.  In 2011, biologists were dealt record high flows that persisted through summer making work on the river trying.  Field crews found it … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Missouri River Is A Lonely Place

In late February and March the Missouri River is a lonely place.  Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project boats from the USGS and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission search the cold, still waters for the telltale chirp of a telemetry transmitter … Continue reading

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