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Thinking Ahead

With the fall season upon us, Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) biologists are already beginning to think of next spring’s field season.  During these cooler months, field crews are busy tracking and recapturing pallid sturgeon that they believe will become … Continue reading

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A Most Unexpected Event

USGS biologists captured a single drifting free-embryo sturgeon in their nets while sampling the Lower Missouri River near the confluence with the Mississippi River on August 22, 2012 (see photo below).  The tiny sturgeon was barely a half of an … Continue reading

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Catch My Drift?

The Missouri River is large, muddy, and turbulent. The complexity of the river can make it nearly impossible for scientists to observe the complete pallid sturgeon life cycle in the wild. Therefore, several studies concerning the early developmental stages of … Continue reading

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Pallid Sturgeon Spawning in the Yellowstone River

Pallid sturgeon in the upper Missouri and Yellowstone rivers can live a long time.  Many are older than most of the biologists who study them.  Over the years, scientists have become very familiar with the few remaining wild sturgeon. One … Continue reading

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Just One of the Guys

For more than a week in early June, USGS telemetry tracking boats from Missouri joined the Montana Wildlife Fish and Parks and the USGS Fort Peck Field Office as they raced up and down the Yellowstone River trying to keep … Continue reading

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