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A Kettle of Fish

In the late fall or at the end of winter of previous seasons, Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) biologists would send boats out into the field to seek out a few, rare pallid sturgeon females to implant with transmitters in … Continue reading

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A Rocky Start

If asked to describe the first few weeks of a baby pallid sturgeon’s life in the Missouri River, most biologists will tell you the embryos attach to a hard surface, develop, hatch, and enter the fast-flowing water to drift downstream.  … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain and More Rain

The 7-day precipitation forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued on May 27 showed local rainfall potential of approximately 5 inches for portions of north Missouri (figure 1).  Unfortunately, this forecast was relatively accurate and heavy rainfall swelled … Continue reading

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Pallid Sturgeon MIA

 When reproductive pallid sturgeon go missing during spring spawning season CSRP biologists become quickly concerned as every day at large means a decrease in the probability of relocation prior to spawning.  Because reproductive pallid sturgeon have been observed to move … Continue reading

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Across The River And Into The Trees

These weren’t just the last words of General Jackson in the Hemingway novel.  On Friday, April 12th, biologists located PLS11-004, a reproductive, female pallid sturgeon during her upstream migration, presumably to spawn.  In the morning PLS11-004 was observed crossing the … Continue reading

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The Gang of Eight

While we are far from Washington, DC, we have our own form of the bipartisan Gang of Eight; eight reproductive pallid sturgeon, fitted with radio telemetry tags, and ready to spawn this spring.  Four of these individual are currently located … Continue reading

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The Other Sturgeon Species

Pallid sturgeon and their close relatives, the shovelnose sturgeon, are not the only sturgeon in the Missouri River. USGS and state research biologists sampling for pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River occasionally collect specimens of the “other” sturgeon species, the … Continue reading

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On the Right Path

“We have a boy, code 52, on his way to Intake Dam.  We’ve tracked him all day through bends and side channels.  He is a couple of miles away from the Dam.  Can you spare a crew to track him … Continue reading

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Headed North

With telemetered female pallid sturgeon done spawning in the Lower Missouri River, the USGS tracking crews from Missouri packed up their equipment at the beginning of June and headed north to Montana and the Yellowstone River.  It was a two … Continue reading

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How to Drink From a Fire Hose

Since 2009, larval sampling efforts have focused on capturing newly hatched and drifting larvae immediately downstream of a suspected pallid sturgeon spawning site (see previous posts “Searching for a needle in a haystack” and “Panning for biological gold”).  In 2012 … Continue reading

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