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Characterizing Spawning Habitat Substrate on the Lower Yellowstone River

By Eric Allen, Ed Bulliner, Carrie Elliott, Robert Jacobson Many sturgeon species spawn over coarse, hard substrate, and Missouri River scientists have thought that this was probably the case for the endangered pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus).  Characterizing the size, type, … Continue reading

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The Deer Island Restoration Project, Iowa

Story by Robert Jacobson I finally had a chance to visit the Deer Island restoration site the week of April 1 (fig. 1).  Deer Island is a 2.5-mile long reach of the Missouri River near Little Sioux, Iowa where the … Continue reading

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The Other Sturgeon Species

Pallid sturgeon and their close relatives, the shovelnose sturgeon, are not the only sturgeon in the Missouri River. USGS and state research biologists sampling for pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River occasionally collect specimens of the “other” sturgeon species, the … Continue reading

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Going, going…

Female pallid sturgeon PLS09-011 was originally implanted with telemetry devices in the fall of 2009 as a non-reproductive female. She was targeted for recapture and determined to be in reproductive condition in March, 2012 (see the previous post Meet the … Continue reading

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An Early Spawning Recorded

Female pallid sturgeon PLS11-007 was initially implanted with telemetry devices in April, 2011. She was in non-reproductive condition with small white eggs, indicating that she may be nearing reproductive condition. From April until mid-September 2011, she was relocated on 15 occasions, in areas … Continue reading

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Rising temperature

 By all accounts 2012 is shaping up to be a very warm spring. Water temperatures in the Lower Missouri River are far ahead of normal (see graph below). In most years we might see pallid sturgeon spawning temperatures (about 16-22 … Continue reading

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Where Are You When I’m Not Looking?

The Lower Missouri River is a large river.  With over 800 miles of river to track, our boats cannot be everywhere, watching every tagged sturgeon at the same time.  A handful of reproductive females with black eggs were tagged with … Continue reading

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In the Same Boat – US and Russian Scientists Collaborate to Study Large Rivers

Scientists from the Institute for Biology of Inland Waters (IBIW), Russian Academy of Sciences, in Borok, Russia visited the USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC) from October 16-30, 2011.  The visit was part of an ongoing exchange of scientists between the … Continue reading

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It Was a Very Good Week

During the first week of November, four adult pallid sturgeon with telemetry tags were recaptured by field crews using drifted trammel nets.  It was a very good week.  Field crews sent the data from each recapture back to the USGS … Continue reading

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Scientific Meetings

With the end of summer, project scientists have turned some of their attention to analyzing data and presenting results at scientific meetings.  Scientific meetings add to the depth and rigor of our science.  One of the most important functions of … Continue reading

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