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Muhs, D.R., Budhan, J., Johnson, D.L., Reheis, M., Beann, J., Skipp, G., Fisher, E., and Jones, J.A., 2008, Geochemical evidence for airborne dust additions to soils in Channel Islands National Park, California: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 120, p. 106-126.

Muhs, D.R., Simmons, K.R., Schumann, R.R., and Halley, R.B., 2011, Sea-level history of the past two interglacial periods: New evidence from U-series dating of reef corals from south Florida: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 30, p. 570-590.

Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal and Eolian Landscapes

Coastal Image
The project studies the geologic records of climate change in eolian (windblown) deposits of the U.S, evaluates the importance of eolian additions to soils, and assesses the potential for renewed activity of wind-blown sediments. In addition, it will investigate the potential effects windblown sediments have on climate itself, through radiative transfer and fertilization of primary producers in the ocean.

This project also researches past sea level high stands (during warm interglacial periods) as analogs for future sea level rise.

Why is this research important?

Eolian deposits are some of our most important records of global climate change. In addition, the finest-grained eolian materials (long-range-transported dust) have important influences on climate itself.

Study of sea levels during past interglacial periods of give us clues as to how large ice sheets responded to warm periods. This in turn can tell us much about how large ice sheets of the present (Greenland, Antarctica) may respond to future warming and how high sea level might rise in the future.

Principal Investigator: Daniel R. Muhs, Geology and Environmental Change Science Center

Project Team: John N. Aleinikoff, James R. Budahn, Kristine Edwards (now Kristine Zellman) John P. McGeehin, Daniel R. Muhs, Mark S. Ohms, Jeff Pigati, R. Randall Schumann, Kathleen R. Simmons, Gary L. Skipp

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