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Alexandrov, G.A., Chan, D., Chen, M., Gurney, K., Higuchi, K., Ito, A., Jones, C.D., Komarov, A., Mabuchi, K., Matross, D.M., Veroustraete, F., and Verstraeten, W.W., 2008, Model-data fusion in studies of the terrestrial carbon sink, chap. 19 in Jakeman, A.J., Voinov, A.A., Rizzoli, A.E., and Chen, S.H., eds., Environmental modelling, software and decision support, 3: Oxford, Elsevier Science, p. 329-344. (Also available online at

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Gumma, Murali Krishna [IWMI]; Thenkabail, Prasad S. [IWMI]; Gautam, N. C. NARS]; Gangadhara Rao, T. Parthasaradhi [IWMI]; Manohar, Velpuri [IWMI] 2008. rrigated area mapping using AVHRR, MODIS and LANDSAT ETM+ data for the Krishna River basin, India. Technology Spectrum, 2(1):1-11. Islam, Md. A., Thenkabail, P. S., Kulawardhana, R. W., Alankara, R., Gunasinghe, S., Edussriya, C. and Gunawardana, A. 2008. 'Semi-automated methods for mapping wetlands using Landsat ETM+ and SRTM data',International Journal of Remote Sensing,. 29:24,7077 - 7106.

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