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Attachment 3 to DOI Memorandum:   GS-1102 Contracting Series Requirements and Waiver Process

Waivers to the GS-1102 Contracting Series Qualification Standard

1.  Applicability.  These procedures cover requests for waivers of the basic education and training requirements for appointment or progression to positions at grades GS-13 and higher.  Any waivers to the standard are on a case-by case basis.  There are three conditions in which a waiver may be requested:

a. When no candidate meets the qualification standard.

b. When the candidate is within 24 months of completing the basic educational requirements.

c. When the candidate is within one year of completing the mandatory training requirements.

No waivers of the experience requirements will be considered.

2.  Approving Authority.  Authority to waive the basic qualification requirements is restricted to the Senior Procurement Executive.

3.  Procedure.   The selecting official must submit a request through the bureau procurement chief to the Senior Procurement Executive.  The request must include all of the following information and documents; incomplete requests will be returned without action:

a. A copy of the position description for the job to be filled;

b. A copy of the job vacancy announcement;

c. A copy of college transcripts;

d. A complete description of the recruiting efforts undertaken by the contracting organization and the results of those efforts, including the sources used for recruiting.  This information is not required for waivers involving career ladder promotions;

e. A copy of the candidate’s application with a narrative summary from the selecting official describing the applicant’s potential for advancement to levels of greater responsibility and authority based on demonstrated analytical and decision-making capabilities, job performance, and qualifying experience;

f. A copy of the candidate’s Individual Development Plan signed by the selecting official, or by the new supervisor if different from the selecting official;

g. A justification for the waiver, to include an explanation of why the individual was selected in lieu of a candidate who fully meets the educational and/or training qualification requirements, and the impact of waiver disapproval on the organization;  (This information not required for Recruitment Waivers.)

h. A statement signed by the bureau procurement chief agreeing to reassign the individual, for whom the waiver was granted, to another bureau position, outside of the 1102 occupational series, if he/she fails to complete the requirements as outlined in the IDP.  The bureau procurement chief will agree to effect the reassignment with 90 days following the date the employee was to have completed his/her educational requirements; (This information not required for Recruitment Waivers.)

i. A copy of the proposed “Conditions of Employment” statement the employee must sign prior to the effective date, agreeing to complete his/her education requirements as set forth in the IDP and agreeing to a reassignment to a position outside of the 1102 series if he/she fails to fulfill this condition of employment. (This information not required for Recruitment Waivers.)

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[Editor's Note:  The waiver procedures described here can be applied only if the vacancy announcement indicates that waivers will be considered under that announcement.]

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