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Research at the Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center focuses on providing the scientific understanding and technologies needed to support and implement sound management and conservation of our Nation's biological resources occurring in Hawai'i and other Pacific island locations.

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Photo by C. Cluett

Hakalau Forest NWR biologist, Steve Kendall, helps a student release an i'iwi through the Teaching Change Program.

Dr. Steven C. Hess describes introduced mammal population monitoring at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park National Geographic Bioblitz event.

Dr. Eben Paxton, Dr. Alban Guillaument, and Katie Keck discuss conservation career opportunities at UH Hilo Conservation Career Day/Earth Day event.

HCSU lab technician, Ariel Egan, describes the rules of her DNA coding game with a group of students at Kilauea Field Station.

HCSU entomologist, Bob Peck, shows off a carnivorous caterpillar found during the National Geographic Bioblitz event at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Students study birds' nests as they practice the skills needed to work as a wildlife biologist at USGS PIERC.

Dr. Sam Gon III and PIERC technician, Veronica DeGuzman, observe tardigrades in a water sample collected during the Bioblitz.

PIERC botanist, Dr. Jim Jacobi, describes watershed management efforts to children at an Earth Day festival on Molokai.

Photo by P. Banko

Photo by R. Peck

Photo by K. Keck

Photo by M. Thayer

Photo by J. Jeffrey

Photo by G. Tribble

Photo by M. Reynolds

Photo by A. Medeiros

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