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Aerial photograph of Hanalei Bay on the Island of Kauai

Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center Staff

Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center Lead Scientists

Eben H. Paxton Ph.D.

Title  Research Ecologist
Phone  (808) 967-7396 ext. 6423
Mailing address  Kilauea Field Station
P.O. Box 44, Bldg 344
Hawaii National Park, HI 96718

B.S.Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington
M.S.Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
Ph.D.Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona

Expertise / Specialty:Avian Ecology and Conservation; Demographic Modeling; Conservation Genetics

Research Interests:My research focuses on understanding factors that affect population dynamics – why populations increase or decline over time – and through an understanding of the “why” populations change in size provide natural resource managers information on “how” to maintain healthy populations. My research has focused mainly on birds, mostly endangered species, using field research, modeling, and genetic research to understand population dynamics and identify possible conservation actions to help imperiled populations. My work in Hawaii is focused on the native Hawaiian forest birds.

Featured Studies:

Select Publications :

Paxton, E.H., P. Unitt, M.K. Sogge, M. Whitfield, and P. Keim. In press. Winter distribution of Willow Flycatcher subspecies. Condor.

Paxton, E.H., M.K. Sogge, and T.C. Theimer. 2011. Biocontrol of exotic tamarisk thorough introduced beetle defoliation: potential demographic consequences for riparian passerine birds in the southwestern United States. Condor 113:255-265.

Hatten, J.R., E.H. Paxton, and M.K. Sogge. 2010. Modeling the dynamic habitat and breeding population of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Ecological Modeling 221:1674-1686.

Paxton, E.H., T.J. Koronkiewicz, M.K. Sogge, and M.A. McLoud. 2010. Geographic variation in the plumage coloration of Willow Flycatchers. Journal of Avian Biology 41:128-138.

Paxton, E.H. 2009. The utility of plumage coloration for taxonomic and ecological studies. Open Journal of Ornithology 2:17-23.

Durst, S.L., T.C. Theimer, E.H. Paxton, and M.K. Sogge. 2008. Age, habitat, and yearly variation in the diet of a generalist insectivore, the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Condor 110:514-525.

Durst, S.L., T.C. Theimer, E.H. Paxton, and M.K. Sogge. 2008. Temporal variation in the arthropod community of desert riparian habitats with varying amounts of saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima). Journal of Arid Environments 72:1644-1653.

Paxton, E.H., M.K. Sogge, T.C. Theimer, J. Girard, and P. Keim. 2008. Using molecular genetic markers to resolve a subspecies boundary: the northern boundary of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in the four-corner states. U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2008-1117. 24 pp.

Sogge, M.K., S.J. Sferra, and E.H. Paxton. 2008. Tamarix as habitat for birds: implications to riparian restoration in the southwestern United States. Restoration Ecology 16:146-154.

Paxton, E.H., M.K. Sogge, S.L. Durst, T.C. Theimer, and J.R. Hatten. 2007. The Ecology of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in central Arizona: A 10-year Synthesis Report. USGS Open File Report 2007-1381. 143 pp.

Paxton, K.L., C. van Riper, T.C. Theimer, and E.H. Paxton. 2007. Spatial and temporal migration patterns of Wilson’s Warbler in the southwestern United States revealed by stable isotopes. Auk 124:162-175.

Koronkiewicz, T.J., M.K. Sogge, C. van Riper III, and E.H. Paxton. 2006. Intraspecific territoriality and site fidelity of wintering Willow Flycatchers in Costa Rica. Condor 108:558-570.

Koronkiewicz, T.J., E.H. Paxton, and M.K. Sogge. 2005. A technique to produce aluminum color bands for avian research. Journal of Field Ornithology 76:94-97.

Paxton, E.H., S.N. Cardinal, and T.J. Koronkiewicz. 2003. Using radio telemetry to determine home range size, habitat use, and movement patterns of Willow Flycatchers. Studies in Avian Biology 26:185-189.

Paxton, E.H., M.K. Sogge, T. McCarthey, and P. Keim. 2002. Nestling sex ratio in the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Condor 104:877-881.

Sogge, M.K., J.C. Owen, E.H. Paxton, S.M. Langridge, and T.J. Koronkiewicz. 2001. A targeted mist net capture technique for the Willow Flycatcher. Western Birds 32:167-172.

Busch, J.D., M.P. Miller, E.H. Paxton, M.K. Sogge, and P. Keim. 2000. Genetic variation in the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Auk 117:586-595.


Personal Interests:


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