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What are major open issues or key notes with The National Map viewer?

Open Issues/Key Notes

(last updated: 10/28/2014)


  • Tested in Internet Explorer (IE) 10, Chrome 38, Firefox 32, and Safari on Windows and Apple operating systems. Other browsers and platforms have not been fully tested. There is a known issue with IE 11, where usage of scroll bars will lock up the viewer.
  • International users should first reset their web browser language setting to English/United States. For more info, go to FAQ.
  • Help icons (symbolized with a '?') may not work unless pop-ups are enabled.
  • When adding a map service through 'Add Data', all layers default to turned off, unlike overlays in the table of contents, which are turned on by default.
  • The scale bar, or representative fraction (RF), shown at the bottom of the viewer display assumes a monitor resolution of 96 dpi. The scale bar is based on the initial window size when the viewer session starts, and does not resize if the browser window changes size, such as when you collapse the table of contents pane.


  • Legend icons (or "swatches") may not appear.
  • Adding REST services fails to bring in Legend or Service Metadata.
  • Adding WMS services with too many layers may generate a timeout error.
  • Service URLs are case-sensitive since the migration to Linux VM system architecture, so you may need to re-establish server connections if not currently responding.
  • How to Use The National Map Services user guide will help with usage of the Services List.


  • Download and Cart user guide will help with downloading staged products.
  • Personal computers with previously installed QuickTime (QT) may associate the orthoimagery .jp2 file extension with the QT application. For more info, go to FAQ.
  • Usage of Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client may cause download links to return empty (0 byte) files. For more info, go to FAQ.
  • Failure to receive delivery order confirmations may be caused by your e-mail client either blocking or filtering automated messages from tnm_help@usgs.gov to a Spam folder.


  • Save As-Print progress window does not provide feedback on which service is taking too long to respond.
  • Exported annotations saved as Shapefiles cannot be added during a later viewer session because of a difference in projections/datums used between the Shapefile (WGS84) and the viewer base map, which is in WGS84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere). We suggest using KML (or KMZ) instead of Shapefile for adding annotations.

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