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Where is the detailed report concerning the Bakken Formation?

The USGS published in February 2012 the geologic report for the Williston Basin, which includes the Bakken Formation, as DDS-69-W, Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Williston Basin Province of North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota, 2010.  Chapter 5 of this publication is the Geologic Assessment of Technically Recoverable Oil in the Devonian and Mississippian Bakken Formation.

All other currently available USGS material on the Bakken Assessment can be found on our website at (choose Bakken/Williston Basin on the map) and at  Material includes a summary of the geology, geologic model, and methodology in poster format on our website at


Additionally, the USGS Energy Resources Program provides information on new publications, etc. via Twitter and our quarterly newsletter.  You can find us on Twitter at  You can sign up on-line for our quarterly newsletter at


For additional information go to: (choose Williston Basin in the map to see all available documents and links).


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