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Could magnetic reversals be caused by meteorite or cometary impacts? Could reversals be caused by melting of the polar ice caps or some sort of planetary alignment?

Large meteorite impacting the Earth.One of the most important jobs that a scientist has is to identify -- from among all the possible causes and effects in nature -- those that are the most important and strictly and necessarily causally related, and those that are simply insignificant and essentially unrelated. Although extremely unlikely, it might be possible for a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field to be triggered by a meteorite or cometary impact, or even for it to be caused by something more "gentle," such as the melting of the polar ice caps. 


But self-contained dynamic systems, some of which can be built in the laboratory, can exhibit randomly reversing behavior. They can do this without any outside influence. Earth's dynamo is a natural example of such a self-contained randomly-reversing dynamic system. Reversals of Earth's magnetic field can simply happen.


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