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How many pounds of minerals are required by the average person in a year?

To maintain our standard of living, each person in the United States requires over 48,000 pounds of minerals each year:

12,528 lb. of stone

9,385 lb. of sand and gravel

888 lb. of cement

280 lb. of clays

418 lb. of salt

309 lb. phosphate

729 lb. of nonmetals

589 lb. of iron ore

73 lb. of aluminum

24 lb. of copper

14 lb. of lead

13 lb. of zinc

6 lb. of manganese

.0285 T oz. gold

20 lb. of other metals


7,578 lb. petroleum

7,643 lb. coal

7,985 natural gas

1/4 lb. uranium

Source: Minerals Information Institute

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