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Why should we care about the Asian swamp eel?

> The Asian swamp eel has characteristics that make it very adaptable to a new environment. It has the potential to become widespread in the US and impact a variety of native aquatic and wetland species, and eventually entire ecosystems.


* It has the potential to spread from southern Florida to the southern half of the United States because it can survive both in hot and cold climates.

* It breathes air which gives it the potential to spread rapidly and makes control difficult.

* It can increase its population without detection because of its "secretive" behavior. It is active primarily at night; during the day it hides in small burrows, crevices, or thick aquatic vegetation.

* It has no known predators in the United States.

* Asian swamp eels are predators that eat a variety of animals including crayfish, shrimp, worms, frogs, tadpoles, and other fishes.

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