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How can I find survey benchmark and triangulation station information?

Most survey marks were set by the US Coast & Geodetic Survey (now called the “National Geodetic Survey”) and information for those marks is availble on the web. For further assistance call 301-713-3242 or                             e-mail

If the National Geodetic Survey doesn’t have the information you seek, contact one of these two offices:

For information about marks set by the USGS in ND-SD-NE-KS-OK and all points east, contact USGS in Rolla, Missouri, by telephone at 573-308-3500 or by e-mail at

For information about marks set by the USGS in MT-WY-CO-NM-TX and all points west, contact USGS in Denver, Colorado by telephone at 303-202-4200 or by email at

Learn More: The National Geodetic Survey website to search for survey marks. 




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