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What is SDTS?

SDTS is the acronym for the Spatial Data Transfer Standard. SDTS is a FIPS(173) and FGDC (STD-002) standard that defines a non-proprietary format for packaging vector or raster spatial data with attributes, metadata, a data quality report and usually a data dictionary. SDTS is primarily intended to be used for spatial data product distribution and archiving. The format and structure of a SDTS file set is designed to enable blind transfer of information between different hardware/software environments without loss of contextual information. The SDTS is not intended to replace the internal processing structures of any geographic information system. SDTS is not a database or a product specification or a software package.

The SDTS was designed by an ACSM-sponsored committee representing government agencies, universities, and private companies that all saw a requirement for a better way to exchange GIS data. The National Mapping Division of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is the maintenance agency for the standard (FIPSPUB 173-1) (FGDC-STD-002).

The SDTS home page is located at:

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