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 I heard that the National Atlas program is ending. Where do I go for more information about this?  

The online version of the National Atlas (officially known as The 1997-2014 Edition of the National Atlas of the United States) (formerly at was removed from service on September 30, 2014. Some of its products and services are now available from the following USGS sources:

The National Map Small-Scale Collection

A collection of 197 small-scale datasets can be downloaded free at The National Map small-scale data download page. These small-scale datasets originally developed and offered through the National Atlas are considered a part of the National Map small-scale framework datasets. The National Map plans to maintain and update the small-scale collection indefinitely.

The National Atlas web map and feature services can currently be accessed through The National Map Small-Scale website at WMS/WFS TNM Small-Scale. The National Map will be offering a new small-scale web mapping and web feature service in early 2015.

The Set of Dynamic Topographic Maps Illustrating Physical Features will continue to be available at the TNM website.

Additionally hundreds of printable maps developed for the National Atlas 1997-2014 Edition can be found at the Printable Maps link. 

The USGS Store

National Atlas Wall Maps are available for purchase through the USGS Store until supplies are exhausted. No new wall maps will be made. Call 1-888-ASK-USGS (or 303-202-4700 from outside the United States) for information on price and availability.

Earth Explorer

Over three hundred datasets from the National Atlas can be downloaded from the Earth Explorer web site.


The National Map now hosts Streamer.

Here is a page for questions and answers about the end of the National Atlas. For other questions about the National Atlas, please contact us by phone, email, social media, or webchat.

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