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Why are there no trails, Public Land Survey System (PLSS), powerlines, etc. on US Topos?

The original USGS 7.5-minute topographic map series (1945-1992) included  feature classes that are not yet shown on US Topos. Examples include recreational trails, pipelines, power lines, survey markers, many types of boundaries, and many types of buildings. The USGS no longer does field verification or other primary data collection for these feature classes, and there are no national data sources suitable for general-purpose, 1:24,000-scale maps. For many of these feature classes, USGS is working with other agencies to develop data. Over time, as these data become available and are included in The National Map, that content will be added to the US Topos. For an overview of the philosophy of US Topo content, see the articles at this website.


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