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I found an error on a map. How can I report it, and when will you fix it?

Send email to Please include the following information:

1) the quadrangle name and State,

2) a description of the error, and

3) location information.

For location, include geographic coordinates if at all possible. These can be read directly from the screen if you use the TerraGo Toolbar and GeoPDF extensions. They can also be read from the grid annotation as on a traditional paper map. Otherwise include a detailed description of the feature and its location so someone unfamiliar with ground conditions can find it on the US Topo.

The US Topo program does not verify or edit data; it only repackages data from other sources into a standard topographic map format. Error reports will be evaluated, and if determined to be a source-data issue, will be passed to the data owner. In many cases this will be other USGS programs, in some cases other government agencies, and for most roads a commercial data provider. Actual correction of a data error is the responsibility of the data owner.

In most cases, US Topos will not be specially remade to correct an error. Instead, the data sources will be corrected for inclusion when the map is remade in the regular 3-year cycle. USGS believes that data sources will continually improve, and the quality and currentness of the map series as a whole is best served by a rapid refresh cycle rather than by giving special attention to an individual map.

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