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Are US Topo maps copyrighted?

Except for the following three cases, these maps have no copyright:
  1. Most maps contain commercially licensed road data for all areas outside National Forests (roads inside National Forests are public domain data provided by the US Forest Service). 
  2. The orthoimage layers for maps in Alaska are commercially licensed data. 
  3. The orthoimage layers for maps in Hawaii are commercially licensed data.
The commercial providers for these three sources retain copyright as noted in the map credit note and the attached metadata file. 

Everything else in US Topo maps is public domain. US Topo maps, even those that include commercial data, may be reproduced freely and used for any purpose, provided copyright notices for the three cases listed above are retained. Images derived from the maps may be used in reports and publications if these three sources are appropriately credited.
The USGS always appreciates receiving credit whenever our products are used.

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