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What are the benefits of the USGS streamgaging program?

The USGS operates and maintains a nationwide streamgaging network of about 7,000 gages. Data from this network are used by a large number of public and private users, including government agencies responsible for water management and emergency response, utilities, environmental agencies, universities, colleges, consulting firms, and recreational interests. Likewise, these users access the data for a wide variety of uses, including decision making related to water supply, hydropower, flood control, forecasting floods and droughts, water quality, environmental and watershed management, research, navigation, fishing, and waterbased recreation. 
Data from the network are used by public and private users in various applications, such as the following: 
1. Planning, designing, operating, and maintaining the nation’s multipurpose water management systems. 
2. Issuing flood warnings to protect lives and reduce property damage. 
3. Designing highways and bridges. 
4. Mapping floodplains. 
5. Monitoring environmental conditions and protecting aquatic habitats. 
6. Protecting water quality and regulating pollutant discharges. 
7. Managing water rights and transboundary water issues. 
8. Education and research. 
9. Recreational uses. 

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