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How is the personal information that I enter in Did You Feel It? used? Can others access my personal information?

This Citizen Science tool (the Did You Feel It? Web site) relies fundamentally on the good will of Internet users like you, and we appreciate and respect the valuable data you provide. Rest assured we have obligations to keep all personal information private and secure.

The personal information is automatically processed and summarized (devoid of any personal information) in our final products such as the zip code map, for example. We do allow government researchers to use the data for scientific studies, but again, they are obligated to strip out any personal information prior to quoting or characterizing it. For example, it might be said, "an observer in San Jose noted..."

While a very common, popular request is to see other's entries, we obviously cannot do so without potentially sacrificing personal information. This request comes from the media as well, but we politely decline such access.

As a side note, street addresses, when provided, allow us to make a more detailed map than from zip codes alone, and typically 90% of the entries contain that information.

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