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How is my "Did you feel it?" input used?

You are one of almost 1 million people who have completed a Did You Feel It? questionnaire, and your input is used in a variety of ways. How it helps us:

  • Immediate high quality and large quantity of data.

  • Cost-effective means of collecting data (replaced expensive and slow postal questionnaires).

  • Helps constrain instrumental data used for ShakeMap and PAGER.

  • Provides data in areas where there are no seismic instruments.

  • Provides data for smaller earthquakes that we can't normally record.


How it helps others:

  • Provides a rapid assessment of the extent of shaking and damage for emergency responders.

  • Confirms experiences of shaking for other people.


How it helps you:

  • You learn the difference between magnitude and intensity.

  • Helps you feel more in control of your experience.

  • Opportunity to share your experience with others.

  • Opportunity to contribute to the advancement of earthquake science.


Some interesting and unusual observations:

  • Mapped out the trajectory of a space shuttle re-entry across Southern California.

  • Sonic booms...

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