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Who uses the PAGER product?

Since the information PAGER delivers is a fundamental improvement over simply providing a magnitude and location, or even a ShakeMap, many users have already adopted PAGER results.


a. Emergency managers and responders. Primary, critical users will be government officials and agencies, such as USAID, and relief organizations, such as the Red Cross.  They will be local, national, and international. PAGER will allow them to determine, almost immediately, the potential extent of the impact, its scale and dimensions, and potentially, the areas likely to be hardest hit. These factors along with their own in-house expertise will help dictate the nature of the response for different institutions.



b. The media. PAGER is already widely used by the media and many web sites. The numbers of people exposed to each shaking intensity is now routinely reported (quoted) from USGS web pages, and images of the ShakeMap, shaking intensity contours, and other maps are routinely depicted or modified for newspaper, web pages, and other outlets. With the new version of PAGER, the use of these maps and assessments is likely to increase further. As a primary source of information, the media's endorsement of PAGER for communicating earthquake information will greatly expand the number of people who receive and benefit from PAGER information.



c. Businesses, earthquake insurers and re-insurers and financial institutions. Major earthquakes affect regional and national economies, and their impacts can be widespread and devastating economically. Businesses and financial institutions benefit from independent, openly available, and documented sources of loss estimates and can use them for activating their own response activities.



d. Engineers, scientists, educators, and individuals. PAGER data, maps, products, and web pages are widely used by these groups as well. In fact, during each earthquake, our PAGER webpage, as well as our other earthquake response products, receive tens of thousands of hits, and people are very responsive with how they use PAGER results.



i. Civil and Earthquake Engineers begin post-earthquake evaluations with more understanding of the situation given ShakeMap and PAGER products.


ii. Scientists and field investigators use PAGER and ShakeMap to help evaluate the situation on the ground while news is still scarce to decide on deploying field teams and data collection.


iii. Educators already routinely use PAGER results to educate students on the differences between the hazard (shaking distribution) and the risk (how vulnerable are different populations?).


iv. PAGER can help individuals assess the impact to their area and their surroundings, or those areas around the world where their friends or relatives live or travel.



It is very important that the global community understand that vulnerable buildings are the main source of casualties and economic losses from earthquakes around the world, and PAGER aims to increase this awareness.

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