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PAGER addresses losses directly due to earthquake shaking. What about tsunami and other potential hazards related to the earthquake (fire, landslides, liquefaction)?

a. The USGS does *not* provide tsunami warnings. Tsunami warnings are issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


b. PAGER's summary "onePAGER" notes if there are any known "secondary" hazards associated with recent earthquakes in the region. In addition, if a high likelihood of tsunami is determined, PAGER's summary content will provide a prominent (RED BOLD) link to NOAA's tsunami warning web pages.


c. For landslides and liquefaction, the PAGER team is conducting research and development to address the losses due to these triggered/secondary hazards as well, and these will be provided when the procedures and algorithms are proven effective.


d. Year in and year out the vast majority of lives lost due to earthquakes come from earthquake shaking. For most earthquakes, shaking-related casualties (mainly, due to building collapse or damage) are the main problem. Notable exceptions do occur, and a long-term strategy will be to include as many of the earthquake-induced perils in the PAGER calculations as possible.

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