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How long after an earthquake are PAGER results available?


a. For earthquakes larger than magnitude 5.5, PAGER estimates are generally available online within 20-30 minutes of the earthquake's occurrence and are updated as more information becomes available. Domestically, particularly in California, ShakeMap and thus PAGER results are produced within about 10 minutes of the earthquake occurrence. However, in all cases, information on the extent of shaking will be uncertain in the minutes and hours following an earthquake and typically these improve as additional sensor data and reported intensities are acquired and incorporated. Users of PAGER loss estimates should account for uncertainty and always seek the most current PAGER release (Version Number) for any earthquake.


b. PAGER alerts will go out automatically after the earthquake information is reviewed by seismic analysts at the NEIC or other regional seismic networks. For earthquakes that result in initial "orange" or "red" PAGER alert levels, seismologists will further review the earthquake information as well as the PAGER results prior to releasing loss information to users. This may result in additional delays on the order of 10 to 20 minutes, or longer in some cases. For initial "orange" or "red" alerts, exposure-based PAGER information will still go out immediately to all users.

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