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What is the difference between staged and dynamic when downloading 3DEP digital elevation model data?

Digital elevation models (DEMs) are staged at resolutions of 2 arc-second in Alaska (about 60 meters north-south, and varies from 20-35 meters east-west), 1 arc-second (about 30 meters), and 1/3 arc-second (about 10 meters), and are available in either ArcGrid, GridFloat, or IMG formats in 1x1 degree tiles in The National Map viewer. DEMs at 1/9 arc-second (about 3 meters) resolution are staged only in IMG format in 15x15-minute tiles. DEMs at 1 meter resolution are staged only in IMG format in 10,000 x 10,000 meter tiles. Original product resolution DEMs are staged in ArcGrid format, and include 5 meter resolution elevation data derived from ifsar over parts of Alaska.

For dynamic extracts of elevation data, use the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics (MRLC) viewer. The default output format for DEMs in the MRLC viewer is ArcGrid but you can then modify the data request to change to other formats, such as GeoTIFF or BIL_16INT, prior to download. Be aware that elevation data distributed through the MRLC viewer is slowly becoming outdated, and revised elevation data is accessed only through The National Map viewer or TNM Download Client.

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