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Where can I get elevation data? 

Digital elevation model (DEM) data are available using The National Map viewer, or through bulk data delivery (instructions are below).

To download elevation data with The National Map viewer:

1. Zoom to your area of interest.
2. Turn on the Elevation Index - 3DEP layers to see coverage of best available resolution of the DEM Product Index.
3. Click on the Download Data tool near the upper right corner of the viewer banner.
4. Use a bounding box, or choose a reference area in Download options, or select by current map extent or coordinate input.
5. Select the Elevation DEM Products theme.
6. Select available products, such as 2 arc-second (Alaska only), 1 arc-second (conterminous U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Territorial Islands, portions of Alaska, or Canada and Mexico), 1/3 arc-second (conterminous U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Territorial Islands, and portions of Alaska), or 1/9 arc-second (portions of U.S. only).
7. Add selected products to the Cart.
8. Click on the product in the Cart to view footprint and to initiate download of individual products.
9. Checkout and enter your email address twice to place your order to receive a complete list of download links in one message.

To obtain elevation data in bulk:

Send an email request to tnminfo@usgs.gov with your contact information and a general product description. You will receive a response email with procedures for bulk delivery and instructions for specifying the elevation product dataset and format. To receive bulk data, we require you to supply the external hard drive(s) within our specifications, and pay for return shipping.

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