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What are technical limitations of the structure products, such as intended usage, known limitations, and intended scale and resolution?

Structure data has generally been produced as point locations on the center of the associated structure. While other forms of data location may be present in the database, including geocoded positions from address references and building footprints, the vast majority of the locations are the center points. Although other methods of location reference such as reverse geocoding are quite common, for many applications the users need to know the location of the structure, not its address along a road. For example, a flood mitigation study will need to know if the building is in the floodplain, not the address along the road that may be quite distant from the actual building location. Structures data in The National Map contains the core geospatial data characteristics of location, geometry, classification, name, and address information. Additional detail content may be available depending on the content source and the needs of the user community.

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