Topographic Maps General

Current US Topo maps and maps from the Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) can be downloaded as PDF documents free of charge fr
After the completion of the original 7.5-minute map series in 1992, the USGS mapping program focused on creating national geographic information system (GIS) databases.
You can order the good old-fashioned paper versions of the state by state indexes of USGS topographic maps online from 
A USGS topographic map usually is named for the most prominent feature within the bounds of the map, which is frequently a community.
At the bottom of most USGS topographic quadrangle maps is a diagram that shows three north arrows -- true north, grid north, and magnetic north -- and the angles between them.
Once you've gathered as many facts about family history and customs as possible, turn to maps to uncover more specific information or to solve historical mysteries.