US Topo

US Topo is intended to serve map users who are not GIS specialists.
Publication of 1:25,000-scale US Topo maps in Alaska began in July 2013.
Not for US Topo maps. These maps are derived from GIS data and packaged in traditional map form for the benefit of non-specialist users. Most of the data used to make US Topo maps are available from USGS through map services and staged datasets.
GeoMark is TerraGo's spatial data extension to PDF markup.
US Topo production follows the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP).
Except for the following three cases, these maps have no copyright: Most maps contain commercially licensed road data for all areas outside National Forests (roads inside National Forests are public domain data prov
GeoPDF is a TerraGo Technologies published extension to the Adobe PDF file format. GeoPDF is not a separate format; any GeoPDF conforms to the base PDF specification, and GeoPDF files can be used as plain PDF files. More information:
US Topo project objectives are continuous product improvement, a rapid refresh cycle, and automated production using currently best available data. It is therefore unlikely there will ever be a final and ultimate product. 
Unlike traditional topographic maps, US Topo maps do not carry an accuracy statement in the map collar.
Maybe, but probably not soon.