Using TNM Services

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TNM services are designed to be consumed as Web Mapping Services (WMS), KML, or REST API calls.
There is a Service Endpoints web page that inspects The National Map viewer configuration and its available services in real-time, and contains REST, WMS, WMTS, WFS, and WCS links.
Yes, The National Map-Service Endpoints contains a complete list of links for each service to display map service metadata.
Refer to The National Map-Service Endpoints for the most current list. The following are the ArcGIS Server base URLs:
Visit our Demo Examples web page for TNM services being used in other Application Program Interfaces (APIs), such as Google Maps, Leaflet, OpenLayers 2, Google Earth, and OpenLayers 3 Mobil
Navigate to a specific base map or theme overlay layer in The National Map-Service Endpoints and call one of the URLs.Notice how all REST services contain .../arcgis/rest/services/...
Navigate to a specific base map or theme overlay layer in The National Map-Service Endpoints and call one of the URLs.Click on the "WMS" link.The service call will look like [
There are three methods:
Currently, the Google Earth KML call does not work in Google Maps for Mobile, but this is being explored to work.