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All Scheduled USGS Instructor led Classes

Course Name
Starting Date
Course Code
Python Programming Language and Groundwater Modeling 2015-09-04 USGS-OED-GW1774
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2015-09-04 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Diversity - 2 hours 2015-09-10 USGS-OED-HR1797
Regional Water Data Conference (RWDC) 2015-09-14 USGS-OED-H1862
USGS Diversity - 2 hours 2015-09-15 USGS-OED-HR1797
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2015-09-17 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
Safety: USGS Fall Protection for Authorized Persons 2015-09-23 USGS-SAF-S1819
USGS Diversity - 4 hours 2015-09-30 USGS-OEO-HR1628
Guidelines for the Operation and Computation of Records of Continuous Water-Quality Monitors 2015-10-05 USGS-OED-QW2298
FBMS Acquisitions Receiving (COR) Brown Bag - USGS Only 2015-10-06 FBMS-ACQ-COR-WDP-USGS
USGS Travel Regulations Training 2015-10-07 USGS-OED-A1851
Sediment Records Computation and Interpretation 2015-10-20 USGS-OED-SW2096
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2015-10-26 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2015-10-26 USGS-OED-M1161
USGS Leadership 101 2015-10-26 USGS-OED-L1294
USGS Leadership Intensive 2015-10-28 USGS-OED-L1329
Water Quality Probes: Installation, Operation, Calibration, and Maintenance 2015-11-02 USGS-HIF-QW1638
Velocity Mapping and Bathymetry with ADCPs 2015-11-02 USGS-OED-WRD-SW2782
USGS Leadership Intensive 2015-11-16 USGS-OED-L1329
Strategies and Tactics for the Experienced Natural Resource Negotiator 2015-11-17 USGS-OED-M3301
USGS Leadership Intensive 2015-11-19 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Laboratory Safety 2015-12-03 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
Streamflow Record Computations using ADVMs and Index-velocity Methods 2015-12-07 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1319
Basic Electronics and Troubleshooting Instrumentation 2016-01-25 USGS-HIF-ID1081
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2016-01-25 USGS-OED-M1161
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2016-01-25 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Laboratory Safety 2016-03-03 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2016-03-21 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
Intermediate Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs 2016-04-04 USGS-OED-WRD-SW2441
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2016-05-16 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2016-05-16 USGS-OED-M1161
USGS Laboratory Safety 2016-06-02 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2016-06-20 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
Streamflow Record Computations using ADVMs and Index-velocity Methods 2016-06-20 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1319
Basic Hydraulic Principles 2016-06-27 USGS-OED-SW1004
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2016-08-08 USGS-OED-M1161
USGS Laboratory Safety 2016-09-01 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224

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