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June 30, 2006
Gary Firda 518-285-5671

Record Flooding in New York

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Rainfall over the last several days has caused record flooding in many areas in New York. There have been new record high flows at several sites including West Branch Delaware River at Walton, NY, West Branch Delaware River at Hale Eddy, NY, and Delaware River at Callicoon, NY.

The USGS has crews currently working in many areas across New York to document peak stages and measure flows. For up-to-date information go to for near real-time steam stage and flow data from over 200 sites across New York State.

Listed below are peak stages and flows measured at selected sites. Recurrence intervals of, for example 50-years suggests that a flood level has a 1 in 50 chance of being exceeded in any given year, but the occurrence of a 50-year flood does not decrease the chances of its happening again in the near future.

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