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Ocean Biogeographic Information System USA

Data Search and Access

OBIS-USA offers multiple ways to search for and accss data.

screenshot of the OBIS-USA DashboardYou can search by dataset, geography or taxon, or browse all OBIS-USA data holdings from the Participants and Datasets page. You can combine search parameters, for example dataset and taxon, by starting your search with a dataset and then selecting a taxon of interest within the results. This works in the reverse direction as well – a search by a taxon can be narrowed down by a dataset.

In order to help the user review a data selection or search results which may include thousands or even millions of individual records, OBIS-USA displays results in a summary form. The summaries include maps, graphs, tables, and links to metadata (Data Dashboard). This enables you to assess the suitability of available data for your purposes, as well as to narrow down your search results by selecting additional parameters.

You can download datasets in tab-separated files with metadata about each dataset included, or you can use data in your applications via Web Services. OBIS-USA utilizes NOAA’s Environmental Research Divison’s Data Access Program (ERDDAP) data server, which outputs data in a variety of popular formats to eliminate the need to re-format data. Formats include but are not limited to:

Whatever way you choose to access and use data, please make sure to familiarize yourself with OBIS-USA Data Use Agreement and to comply with the minimal requirements the document outlines.