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USGS Scientist Emeritus Program: Current Scientists Emeriti

Jim Crock in the Orkney Islands
Jim Crock in the Orkney Islands
Current Scientists Emeriti
Scientist Emeritus Geographic Area
Abedini, Atosa Aria Pacific Southwest
Albers, Peter Northeast
Aldrich, Tom Northeast
Andrews, Dudley Pacific Southwest
Anima, Roberto Pacific Southwest
Ashley, Roger Pacific Southwest
Baedecker, Mary Jo Headquarters
Bakun, William Pacific Southwest
Barker, Charles Rocky Mountain
Barton, Paul Midwest
Beauchemin, Paul Headquarters
Beeson, Melvin Pacific Southwest
Behrendt, John Rocky Mountain
Bethke, Philip Midwest
Beyer, Larry Pacific Southwest
Bird, Kenneth Pacific Southwest
Bischoff, James Pacific Southwest
Blair Jones Headquarters
Bohor, Bruce Rocky Mountain
Bostick, Neely Rocky Mountain
Brabb, Earl Pacific Southwest
Brew, David Alaska
Bryant, Bruce Rocky Mountain
Bufe, Charles Rocky Mountain
Bukry, J. David Pacific Southwest
Bush, Charles Austin Rocky Mountain
Bybell, Laurel Headquarters
Cacchione, David Pacific Southwest
Cady, John Rocky Mountain
Campbell, Russell Pacific Southwest
Carr, Michael Harold Pacific Southwest
Carter, M Devereux Midwest
Casadevall, Thomas Rocky Mountain
Cecil, C. Blaine Midwest
Chaffee, Maurice Rocky Mountain
Cheng, Ralph Pacific Southwest
Christenson, Scott Rocky Mountain
Chiou, Cary Rocky Mountain
Christiansen, Robert Pacific Southwest
Clark, Sandra Midwest
Clifton, H. Edward Pacific Southwest
Cobban, William Rocky Mountain
Colton, Roger Rocky Mountain
Cook, Harry Pacific Southwest
Cooley, Richard Rocky Mountain
Cooper, Alan Pacific Southwest
Craigg, Steven Northeast
Crane, Michael Peter Midwest
Crowley, James Midwest
Cunningham, Charles Midwest
Daniels, David Midwest
Dean, Walter Rocky Mountain
Dewey, James Rocky Mountain
Dickinson, Kendell Rocky Mountain
Dillon, William Northeast
Dingler, John Pacific Southwest
Donnell, John Rocky Mountain
Drake Jr., Avery Midwest
Drewes, Harold Rocky Mountain
Dyman, Thaddeus Rocky Mountain
Dyni, John Rocky Mountain
Egenhoff, Sven Rocky Mountain
Emmett, William Rocky Mountain
Epstein, Jack Northeast
Erdman, James Rocky Mountain
Farmer, Adrian Rocky Mountain
Filson, John Headquarters
Finch, Warren Rocky Mountain
Fitterman, David Rocky Mountain
Friend, Milton Midwest
Gerlach, Terrence Alaska
Glancy, Pat Pacific Southwest
Gluskoter, Harold (Hal) Midwest
Gohn, Gregory Northeast
Gough, Larry Midwest
Grauch, Richard Rocky Mountain
Hamilton, Thomas Dudley Alaska
Hampton, Monty Pacific Southwest
Harris, Anita Northeast
Hatch, Joseph Rocky Mountain
Hathaway, John Northeast
Haxel, Gordon Blair Pacific Southwest
Hearn Jr., B. Carter Midwest
Heliker, Christina Alaska
Helsel, Dennis Rocky Mountain
Helz, Rosalind Northeast
Henny, Charles Joseph Pacific NW
Hereford, Richard Pacific Southwest
Hettinger, Robert Rocky Mountain
Hill, David Pacific Southwest
Hinkley, Todd Rocky Mountain
Horowitz, Arthur. Southeast
Howard, Keith Pacific Southwest
Huffman Jr., Arlie Curtis Rocky Mountain
Hutton, Ray Rocky Mountain
Irwin, W. Porter Pacific Southwest
Jachens, Robert Pacific Southwest
James, Odette Northeast
Johnson, Michael Pacific Southwest
Jones, Susan Southcentral
Keefer, David Pacific Southwest
Keith, John Northeast
Ketner, Keith Rocky Mountain
Kile, Daniel Rocky Mountain
King, Harley Rocky Mountain
Kingston, Marguerite (Margo) Midwest
Kistler, Ronald Pacific Southwest
Kochert, Michael Pacific NW
Koski, Randolph Pacific Southwest
Koyanagi, Robert Alaska
Kuntz, Mel. Rocky Mountain
Kvenvolden, Keith Pacific Southwest
Lachenbruch, Art Pacific Southwest
Lai, Vincent Headquarters
Lanphere, Marvin Pacific Southwest
Larsen, Curtis Northeast
Leach, David Rocky Mountain
Lee, Homa Pacific Southwest
Lee, William Pacific Southwest
Leenheer, Jerry Rocky Mountain
Leventhal, Joel Rocky Mountain
Leyendecker, Edgar Rocky Mountain
Lindsey, David Rocky Mountain
Lipin, Bruce Midwest
Lipman, Peter Pacific Southwest
Longcore, Jerry Northeast
Lowe, T. Peter Northeast
Lucchitta, Baerbel Pacific Southwest
Luccihitta, Ivo Rocky Mountain
Lueck, Alfred Rudolf Headquarters - Rocky Mountain
Luedke, Robert Midwest
Madole, Richard Rocky Mountain
Manjarrez-Guerrero, Delia Southeast
Marzolf, G. Richard Headquarters
Mcdanal, Steve Rocky Mountain
Mcgee, Kenneth Alaska
Mckee, Edwin Hastings Pacific Southwest
Meade, Robert Rocky Mountain
Merewether, Edward Allen Rocky Mountain
Miller, Michael Pacific Southwest
Miller, Thomas Patrick Alaska
Molnia, Carol Rocky Mountain
Moore, James Pacific Southwest
Mortensen, Carl Eric Pacific Southwest
Muffler, Patrick Pacific Southwest
Naeser, Charles Northeast
Naeser, Nancy Northeast
Nathenson, Manuel Pacific Southwest
Newell, Wayne Northeast
Nokleberg, Warren Pacific Southwest
O'Sullivan, Robert Rocky Mountain
Obermeier, Stephen Northeast
O'Neill, John Michael Rocky Mountain
O'Shea, Thomas Rocky Mountain
Page, Robert Pacific Southwest
Paillet, Frederick Headquarters
Palacas, James Rocky Mountain
Perry, William Rocky Mountain
Person, Waverly Rocky Mountain
Peterson, Fred Rocky Mountain
Pierce, Kenneth Rocky Mountain
Pike, Richard Pacific Southwest
Piper, David Pacific Southwest
Plafker, George Pacific Southwest
Plouff, Donald Pacific Southwest
Poag, C. Wylie Northeast
Pojeta, John Northeast
Ponce, Stanley Southcentral
Poole, Forrest Rocky Mountain
Prowell, David Northeast
Rankin, Douglas Northeast
Ratcliffe, Nicholas Northeast
Ratte, James Rocky Mountain
Reed Jr., John Rocky Mountain
Reilly, Thomas Eugene Headquarters
Reinecke, Kenneth Northeast
Reisenbichler, Reg Pacific NW
Reynolds, Mitchell Rocky Mountain
Rice, Cynthia Rocky Mountain
Ridgley, Jennie Rocky Mountain
Robb, Jim Northeast
Rubin, Meyer Northeast
Sandberg, Charles Rocky Mountain
Sarna-Wojcicki, Andrei Pacific Southwest
Savage, James Pacific Southwest
Savage, William Pacific Southwest
Schaffranek, Raymond Headquarters
Schmidt, Robert Midwest
Schmoll, Henry Rocky Mountain
Scholl, David Pacific Southwest
Scott, Kevin Alaska
Seiler, Ralph Pacific Southwest
Shawe, Daniel Rocky Mountain
Sileo, Lou Midwest
Simpson Jr., Robert Pacific Southwest
Sipkin, Stuart Rocky Mountain
Skipp, Betty Rocky Mountain
Smith, James Headquarters
Snee, Lawrence Rocky Mountain
Spencer, Charles Rocky Mountain
Stewart, David Northeast
Stewart, John Pacific Southwest
Stuart, William Pacific Southwest
Tabor, Rowland Pacific Southwest
Takahashi, Kenneth Rocky Mountain
Tasker, Gary Headquarters
Tarr, Arthur Rocky Mountain
Tepordei, Valentin Northeast
Terrell, James Rocky Mountain
Thurman, E. Michael Rocky Mountain
Tilling, Robert Pacific Southwest
Von Huene, Roland Pacific Southwest
Wahl, Ronald Rocky Mountain
Wallace, Alan Pacific Southwest
Watson, Kenneth Rocky Mountain
Watts, Raymond Rocky Mountain
Webring, Michael Rocky Mountain
Wedemeyer, Gary Pacific NW
Wershaw, Robert Rocky Mountain
Wesson, Robert Rocky Mountain
Williams, Stanley Jeffress Northeast
Williams, Van Slyck Rocky Mountain
Williams Jr., Richard Northeast
Wilson, Raymond Pacific Southwest
Winograd, Isaac Headquarters
Winter, Thomas Rocky Mountain
Wolfe, Edward Alaska
Wood, Warren Midwest
Wright, Thomas Alaska
Yasutake, William Pacific NW
Yehle, Lynn Rocky Mountain
Zielinski, Robert Rocky Mountain
Zietz, Isidore Midwest


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