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120.10 - Principal Officials


OPR: Director's Office

1. Headquarters (Reston, Virginia)
Director Vacant
Deputy Director Thomas J. Casadevall
Associate Director for Programs Bonnie A. McGregor
Associate Director for Operations Barbara J. Ryan
Senior Advisor for Science Applications James F. Devine
Chief Geologist P. Patrick Leahy
Chief Hydrologist Robert M. Hirsch
Chief Geographer Richard E. Witmer
Chief Biologist Dennis B. Fenn
Acting Chief, Office of Program Support William F. Gossman, Jr.
Chief, Office of Program Planning and Coordination    Gary W. Hill
Chief, Office of Program Operations Martin Eckes
Chief, Office of Outreach Michael McDermott
Congressional Liaison Officer Timothy J. West

2. Regional Offices
Regional Director for Eastern Region                           Katherine F. Lins
Regional Director for Central Region Douglas R. Posson
Regional Director for Western Region Vacant

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