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120.2 - Organization Structure


OPR: Director's Office

1. General Organization. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) consists of a headquarters organization located in Reston, Virginia, and a field organization with offices located throughout the United States. Major Field Centers are located at Denver, Colorado; Menlo Park, California; and Reston, Virginia.

2. Headquarters Organization. Responsibility for headquarters functions is divided as follows:

A. Office of the Director. The Director is responsible for executive leadership, overall direction, and policy oversight of the USGS. The Director is assisted in the exercise of this responsibility by an immediate staff, a Deputy Director, an Associate Director (Programs), an Associate Director (Operations), and Office Chiefs for the following:

(1) The Chief, Program Planning and Coordination Office, serves as senior scientific advisor to the Directorate for the planning, development, evaluation and coordination of broad USGS themes which represent the expression of the Bureau's "corporate philosophy and vision" and develops plausible scenarios and effective strategies for the formulation and implementation of policies, objectives, programs and plans to achieve the mission of the USGS. Provides a coordinated framework for the planning, review, analyses and coordination of diverse natural science investigations involved in bureauwide programs. In efforts to better understand major natural science issues, develops themes that (1) encompass biologic, energy, water and mineral resources; (2) natural hazards; (3) environmental issues; and (4) information resource management. Serves as Senior Bureau expert and consultant on the development and evaluation of USGS philosophy, goals, objectives and strategies that will result in a cohesive and integrated approach to accomplishing the Bureau's basic mission and functions. Oversees the development of and maintains the Bureau strategic plan.

(2) The Chief, Office of Outreach, serves as an expert advisor to the Directorate for bureauwide outreach activities. The Chief provides leadership, direction, and vision for a dynamic and creative outreach program and provides guidance on strategic planning, program coordination and implementation of the bureauwide outreach program through USGS program divisions. The staff prepares and distributes news releases to print and electronic media, prepares and reviews general-interest publications and audio-visual products, answers inquiries from news media and the public, and coordinates preparation and distribution of the weekly Highlights report to the Department of the Interior. Coordinates outreach efforts with the Regional Directors, Congressional Liaison Office, Program Operations Office, Program Planning and Coordination Office, and program divisions to develop and implement outreach strategies effectively that communicate the bureau mission, scientific contributions, and the value and impact of our science products and services to audiences and customers both internal and external.

(3) The Chief, Programs Operations Office, serves as a Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the USGS and provides leadership and guidance in a wide range of budget financial matters affecting the Bureau, which requires working closely with the Office of Financial Management. Provides agency-wide policy, guidance, and direction for budget formulation and execution, presentation and advocacy; Management Improvement activities; and controls IG/GAO audit liaison, as well as, Indian Desk responsibilities. Serves as a point of contact for inquiries from the Department, OMB,Congress, and others on these activities. Serves as a technical consultant and advisor to the Associate Director for Operations and to other members of the Directorate and represents the USGS at national meetings, symposia, and conferences.

(4) The Chief, Congressional Liaison Office, provides liaison between the bureau and members of Congress and their staffs, congressional committee staffs, and the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs in the Department of the Interior. The Congressional Liaison Office is responsible for recommending bureau policy in congressionally-related activities and advises bureau management regarding proposed actions having congressional implications. The staff represents a central source of information materials and assistance to the Congress. The staff also provides coordination of review of legislation and preparation of testimony for the bureau. Serves as bureau's primary liaison with the Department's Congressional and Legislative Affairs Office and represents the bureau at meetings with members of Congress and their staff. Works with the USGS Regional Directors and USGS State Representatives to provide advice and to assess the effect of congressional issues on regional programs and initiatives.Provides advice and assistance to the Chief, Program Operations Office for congressional liaison activities related to the budget and outreach for selected constituencies.

B. Staff Offices. Staff Offices of the headquarters organization have functional responsibilities as follows and are located in Reston, Virginia; Denver, Colorado; and Menlo Park, California:

(1) The Regional Director - Eastern Region serves as a personalrepresentative of the Director, USGS and is responsible for creating and instilling a shared vision and unified purpose of the bureau mission within the Eastern Region.

(2) The Regional Director - Central Region serves as a personal representative of the Director, USGS and is responsible for creating and instilling a shared vision and unified purpose of the bureau mission within the Central Region.

(3) The Regional Director - Western Region serves as a personal representative of the Director, USGS and is responsible for creating and instilling a shared vision and unified purpose of the bureau mission within the Western Region.

C. Divisions/Office. The headquarters staff of the Divisions/Office of the USGS are responsible for headquarters functions as indicated in the separate chapters for the Divisions/Office that follow. The Divisions/Office are:

Biological Resources Division

Geologic Division

National Mapping Division

Office of Program Support

Water Resources Division

3. Field Organization. The USGS field organization is made up of three regions: The Eastern Region, headquartered in Reston, Virginia; the Central Region, headquartered in Denver, Colorado; and the Western Region, headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The States included in each Region are shown on the USGS Regions map. The precise field organization for each of the USGS's Divisions/Office is described in the chapters that follow.

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