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340.17 - Issuance, Control and Utilization of Government Transportation Requests


OPR: Admin/Financial Management

1. Purpose. This chapter establishes the policy and prescribes procedures for the issuance, control and use of Government Transportation Requests (GTR's), SF 1169.

2. References. 41 CFR 101-41.207-4 requires agencies to prescribe procedures for controlling GTR procurement, stocking, distribution, and accountability. Agencies are to establish safeguards to prevent improper or unauthorized use of GTR's. Each officer or employee of the Government or other person having custody of a GTR is responsible for its safekeeping and is liable for amounts which the Government may be required to pay because of improper use resulting from fault or negligence on the part of the person having custody of the GTR.

3. Issuance of Books of GTR's. Serially numbered GTR's are issued in books of ten, the blue colored copy to be issued to the carrier and the buff colored (memorandum) copy to be sent to the Office of Financial Management (OFM).

A. Responsibility of Division Administrative Officers (AO's). AO's will provide OFM with completed Form 9-2054, Authorization to Apply for Government Transportation Requests/Revocation, identifying employees who are authorized to apply for books of GTR's, as well as employees for whom authorization is revoked. The number of employees authorized to apply for books should be kept at a minimum, with only one person per division at most geographical locations. Figure 1 is an example of a completed Form 9-2054.

B. Responsibility of the Accountable Officer. Employees authorized to apply for books of GTR's in accordance with 340.17.3A will submit Form 9-2053, Application for Government Transportation Requests, to OFM. Upon receipt of the GTR books, the accountable officer will acknowledge receipt of the books on the bottom portion of Form 9-2053 and return the form to OFM. Figure 2 is an example of a completed Form 9-2053.

C. Responsibility of the Office of Financial Management. OFM will maintain a file of Form 9-2054's for employees authorized to apply for books of GTR's, including their specimen signatures. When Form 9-2053 is received in OFM, it will be verified against the specimen signature on file. OFM will annotate the Form 9-2053 with the serial number of the first GTR in each book issued. The Form 9-2053 will then be returned to the accountable officer along with the GTR books requested. OFM will enter the assigned GTR's into its open GTR inventory along with the associated Form 9-2053 information.

4. Controls and Procedures.

A. Authorized Uses of GTR's. GTR's may be used to finance transportation costs, except for the following:

(1) Personal travel, including personal transportation service or privileges which increase or exceed the cost of those authorized. When an indirect route or accommodations superior to those authorized are requested or used by the traveler for personal reasons, the additional cost, including the applicable share of Federal transportation tax, will be at personal expense and paid directly to the carrier.

(2) Road or bridge tolls.

(3) Taxicabs, limousines, intracity transit, rental cars, self-operated aircraft or boats, motorcycles, etc.

(4) Transportation services of noncontract travel agencies, except as stated in SM 340.11.5.

(5) When cost of transportation is $10 or less.

(6) When cost of transportation is over $10 but does not exceed $100, except in emergency circumstances.

B. Preparation and Disposition of GTR Copies.

(1) Bill to Address. Books are stamped or preprinted by OFM before they are issued to show that the carrier is to submit bills (SF 1113's, Public Voucher for Transportation of Passenger) directly to OFM.

(2) It is the responsibility of the GTR user to prepare and issue GTR's to carriers in the manner shown in Figure 3.

(3) It is the responsibility of the user to assure that the memorandum copy (buff colored) of each GTR used is sent to OFM. A photocopy of the buff card should be attached to a copy of the travel authorization and retained by the accountable officer on record with OFM.

C. Storage and Control of GTR's.

(1) Storage of GTR's. It is the responsibility of the person accountable for unused and unissued GTR's to provide the same safekeeping facilities as they would for cash. Storage should consist of a locked container during office hours and in a safe after working hours. If it is necessary that the safe be shared with another person, a key-locked cash box may be used provided that the person accountable for the GTR's is the only person possessing the key.

(2) Control of GTR's.

(a) Record of Issuance. It is the responsibility of accountable officers to maintain a record of all GTR's issued. At a minimum, this should show to whom issued (carrier or traveler) and the travel authorization number against which the GTR was applied. If a blank GTR is issued to a traveler, the record should show the recipient's signature as evidence of receipt. This is important in providing evidence of transfer of accountability and to provide the basic management control to assure GTR's are used in the manner intended by the travel authorization.

(b) Spoiled or Canceled GTR's. It is the responsibility of the person accountable for a GTR spoiled in preparation, canceled for any reason, or prepared but not used, to mark the original and memorandum copy of the GTR "CANCELED" across the face and forward it immediately to OFM.

(c) GTR's Lost, Stolen, or Improperly Used. Each person having custody of GTR's is responsible for their safekeeping and is accountable for any amounts the Government may be required to pay for improper use through fault or negligence.

(i) If a GTR is lost or stolen, the employee responsible for the GTR will report in writing the loss or theft to the officer from whom it was obtained with a statement of the facts.

(ii) If the GTR was filled out to the extent of showing carrier services desired from a designated point of origin, the person accountable for the GTR will furnish promptly to the named, as well as other local carriers, a description of the lost or stolen GTR and request that it not be honored. The request should be confirmed in writing, and a copy sent to OFM.

(iii) A GTR reported lost or stolen, if found, will not be used, whether in blank or completely filled out. It will be forwarded to the accountable officer who will mark the GTR "CANCELED" and forward it to OFM.

(iv) An accountable officer discovering that any GTR is lost, stolen, improperly ued, or cannot be accounted for will immediately report all facts to the division AO. If a carrier's name appeared on the GTR, that carrier should be notified promptly.

(v) The division AO, upon receiving the report from the accountable officer, will cause an investigation to be conducted by impartial parties selected by the AO to determine whether the accountable person should be held liable for the loss or theft of the GTR. An investigative report of the matter, in memorandum form, will be prepared containing a recommendation whether the accountable person should be held liable, including the reason for the conclusion. This will be forwarded to OFM through the division AO.

(vi) OFM will forward the report to GAO where the ultimate decision will be made regarding liability of the accountable person as required by 31 USC 82a-2. A copy of the report will also be sent to the Attorney General, Department of Justice.

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