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340.18 - Government Charge Card Program


OPR: Admin/Financial Management

1. Purpose. Employees who travel on official business for the USGS or who are expected to be in a travel status two or more times a year will be requested by their supervisors to apply for the Diners Club Government Charge Card. The purpose of this chapter is to explain how qualified employees may participate in this program along with the benefits, rights and obligations associated with participation.

2. Policy. Though participation is voluntary, qualified travelers should recognize the advantages of the program. USGS policy with respect to travel advances under the program is that qualified individuals, whether they elect to participate or not, will not be issued an advance for the full cost of travel performed once they have been offered the opportunity to be issued the Diners Club card. A limited cash advance may be issued to cover expenses for light meals and miscellaneous items such as taxis, tips, etc. An exception will be made in the case of a traveler who will be traveling in a remote area where the Diners Club Charge Card may not be accepted. In this instance, a full advance will be authorized, provided that the request for advance of funds indicates that the Diners Club is not generally accepted. Also, full advances will be granted for permanent change of headquarters travel.

3. Procedures. A description of an employee's rights and obligations under the government charge card program is contained in Appendix A. Appendix B is a copy of the card account agreement. Figure 1 contains the instructions for completing an application and Figure 2 is an application package which may be reproduced and used by employees requesting a charge card. Figure 3 is a copy of the transmittal letter to be used when an employee is returning/canceling his/her account. Appendix C contains steps to facilitate reimbursement of travel vouchers.

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