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370.792.3 - Smoking in/on USGS-Occupied Buildings, Facilities, and Grounds

DATE:  12/15/09

OPR: Administrative Policy and Services

Instruction:  This chapter is being updated to comply with revised Government-wide regulations established by GSA in Federal Management Regulation Bulletin 2009-B1 dated December 22, 2008.

1.  Purpose.  This Survey Manual Chapter sets policy establishing a smoke-free environment for all persons working in, visiting, or using facilities and grounds occupied by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), whether USGS-owned, USGS-leased, or GSA delegated. 

2.  Policy

A.  The smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in all interior space in accordance with Executive Order 13058 which states: . . . executive agencies must prohibit the smoking of tobacco products in all interior space, owned, rented, or leased by the executive branch of the federal government. . . .

B.  The smoking of tobacco products is prohibited within a 25-foot radius of all building entrances, air intakes, and in all courtyards in accordance with Federal Management Regulation Bulletin 2009-B1.  Within 25 feet of all buildings, the smoking of tobacco products is only permitted in designated smoking areas.    

3.  Exceptions.

A.  This policy does not extend to any residential accommodation for persons voluntarily or involuntarily residing, on a temporary or long-term basis, individually in a building owned, leased, or rented by the USGS.

B.  The Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services (AD/APS) may establish limited and narrow exceptions that are necessary to accomplish agency missions.  Such exceptions shall be in writing, approved by the AD/APS, and to the fullest extent possible, provide protection of nonsmokers from exposure to tobacco smoke.  Authority to establish such exceptions may not be delegated.

4.  Smoking Cessation Programs.  The AD/APS is encouraged to use existing authority to establish programs designed to help employees stop smoking.  Many Employee Assistance Program providers offer cessation programs or counseling.  EAP provider information can be found at:

5.  Responsibility for Implementation.  The AD/APS is responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with the provisions of this policy.

6.  Consistency with Other Laws.  The provisions of this policy shall be implemented consistent with applicable law, including the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Act (5 U.S.C. 7101, et seq.) and the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. 151, et seq.)  

7.  References

A.  Executive Order (E.O.) 13058, Protecting Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace, August 9, 1997.

B.  Federal Property Management Regulation 101-20.105-3, March 16, 1998.

C.  Departmental Manual 310 DM 11, Smoking in Public Buildings, March 14, 2001.

D.  GSA FMR Bulletin 2009-B1, December 22, 2008.

E.  Federal Management Regulation, Part 102-74.


______/s/Karen D. Baker_________________                          12/15/09______________        
Karen D. Baker                                                                         Date
Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services

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