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402.13 - Prescription Goggles or Glasses


OPR: Office of Acquisition and Federal Assistance

1. Purpose. This chapter describes special certification and procedures for procurement of corrective eye protection devices.

2. Policy. Protective glasses or goggles with prescription-ground lenses may be authorized for employees who are engaged in duties which require such protection and who must wear corrective glasses. Under these circumstances, prescription goggles or glasses should be purchased with Federal funds when these items are considered beneficial to the Government's safe and effective operation. (See SM 445-1-H, Chapter 9; 485 DM 20; 29 CFR 1910, Subpart I; and 29 CFR 1926, Subpart E.) The prescription itself will be furnished by the employee at the employee's own expense. Frames and lenses, including necessary grinding and fitting, will be paid for by the USGS.

3. Certification and Authorization. The need for protective goggles or glasses must be stated on the DI-1 and the statement will specify the eye hazards relating to the employee's job. The statement and certification must be signed by a supervisor with direct knowledge of the employee's need for eye protection. A form FPI-54 (Figure 1) signed by an ophthalmologist or licensed optometrist showing the employee's lens prescription and measurement information must accompany the requisition.

4. Procurement. U.S. Department of Justice, UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries, Inc., is the mandatory source of supply for prescription and nonprescriptive safety eyewear. Orders may be placed by Contracting Officers using a purchase order and attaching the UNICOR order form (Figure 1). Orders may be placed using the bank purchase card only if the cardholder obtains the certification and documentation described in 3 above and retains it in their bankcard records. Waivers to the requirement to procure from UNICOR may be requested only by warranted Contracting Officers, and may not be based on personal preference.

5. Control. Eye protection devices furnished by the Government are considered Government property and may be used only in the employee's official duties.

6. Disposition. Employees leaving the Survey or transferring to functions not requiring issued prescription glasses or goggles may purchase them by contacting their Regional Property Officer (RPO) for details. The RPO will determine the fair market value, notify GSA of proposed sale, and complete Optional Forms 15 and 16 (Sale of Government Property), following the guidelines contained in FPMRs 101-45.105-3(b) and 101-45.304-3. If the employee elects not to purchase the devices he/she should transfer them to the nearest warehouse for disposal with a completed Property Transfer Request, Form 9-064.

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Figure 1 - Form FPI-54

Figure 1 - Instructions for FPI-54

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