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440.1 - Identification Cards


OPR: Office of Management Services

1. Purpose. This chapter incorporates the regulations of the Department of the Interior regarding the issuance and control of personnel identification cards.

2. Policy. Identification cards are required for authorized admission to space occupied by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Department of the Interior (DOI), and other Federal buildings (310 DM 3.1). Each employee of the Geological Survey is required to have in his or her possession a personnel identification card such as those described below. Employees will present their cards for examination by building security personnel upon entry into a government facility.

A. Department of the Interior Secretarial Identification Card.

(1) This card bears the Department Seal and the facsimile signature of the Secretary; is white in color and serially numbered; requires a photograph; and is controlled and issued by the Building Manager, Facilities and Management Services, DOI.

(2) A Secretarial Identification Card will be issued to the following USGS employees: the Director and Career and Non-Career Senior Executive Service Employees.

(3) Authorized individuals wanting a Secretarial Identification Card must deliver a Request for Identification Card, DI-1995 (see 310 DM 3, Illustration 1), to the Building Manager, Facilities and Management Services. All requests must be typed or neatly printed and contain an original authenticating signature of the Bureau Security Officer.

(4) Secretarial Identification Cards are valid only when bearing the signature of the current Secretary of the Interior. Cards signed by previous Secretaries should be returned to the USGS Security Officer for update purposes.

(5) Replacement may be issued upon submission of satisfactory written evidence of loss of card with explanation of circumstances, or when the card becomes soiled or defaced.

B. Department of the Interior Identification Cards (DI-238A).

(1) This card is unique to the DOI and replaces the standard U.S. Government Identification Card (Optional Form 55). The DI-238A is white in color, serially numbered, and issued to permanent employees only.

(2) Blank stocks of these cards will be issued to Division, Office of the Director, and Office of Program Support Administrative Officers (hereafter referred to as issuing officers) upon written request to the Bureau Security Officer.

(3) This card is completed, authenticated, and issued by the issuing officer.

C. Departmental Temporary Building Pass (Form DI-238).

(1) This identification card is issued for a designated period to contractor employees and temporary employees having no other appropriate form of U.S. Government identification; whose duties require their recurring official access to departmental buildings during normal working hours and/or nights, weekends, and holidays. The validation date should not exceed the justified need; however, under no circumstances should the expiration date exceed three years.

(2) These passes are yellow in color, require a photograph, and are issued on the same basis as the DI-238A.

(3) Instructions for the requisitioning and issuance of temporary building passes to individuals are the same as for the DI-238A.

(4) Contractors will be issued a DI-238 only after an appropriate background suitability check has been initiated (submitted to the Bureau Security Officer) following the applicable procedures contained in Chapter 3, National Security Position Handbook (440-7-H). Issuing officers will verify that a background suitability check has been initiated utilizing the Personnel Security Clearance System (PSCS). A contractor that does not undergo a background suitability check will not be issued an identification card or temporary building pass. Contractors without a valid Government issued identification card will be admitted to USGS occupied spaces following the local area admission procedures for visitors.

D. Retiree Identification Cards.

(1) USGS employees upon request at retirement will be issued a retiree identification card. These cards are white in color; require a photograph; reflect the agency name, card number (Social Security Number), the employee's name, a retirement date, length of service, the signature of the individual; and are authenticated by the issuing officer.

(2) Blank stocks of these cards will be issued to issuing officers upon written request to the Bureau Security Officer.

E. Temporary Passes for Volunteers.

(1) This pass will be issued to a volunteer only when a Form 9-2080, Individual Volunteer Services Agreement, has been completed. These passes are blue in color; unnumbered; do not require a photograph or lamination; reflect the volunteer's name, bureau, Social Security Number, and a not to exceed date (expiration date); and have no authenticating signature. The pass will be returned to the issuing officer on or before the termination date stated in Section 8a of Form 9-2080. In any case, however, the expiration date on the pass will not exceed 3-years from the date of issuance.

(2) Blank stocks of these passes will be issued to issuing officers upon written request to the Bureau Security Officers.

(3) Local building security procedures will determine if a volunteer pass will be accepted for entry into a government facility.

F. Optional Form 55 (OF 55) Identification Card.

(1) OF 55 Identification Cards are no longer issued to employees in the DOI. Those OF 55 identification cards that were previously issued to permanent employees will remain valid until the employee is terminated or transferred. When the need arises to replace the OF 55, a DI-238A will be issued.

(2) Unused supplies of OF 55 Identification Cards should be returned to the Bureau Security Officer.

G. USGS Temporary Identification Pass (USGS Form 9-1900).

(1) Effective October 1, 1996, these passes will no longer be issued and effective October 1, 1997, these passes will not be accepted for identification and admission to USGS occupied spaces. The new Federal building security standards require that only photograph identification cards be accepted for admittance to Federal buildings. A replacement Departmental Temporary Building Pass (Form DI-238) will be issued to an authorized individual to replace an expired USGS 9-1900.

(2) Unused supplies of USGS 9-1900 Forms should be returned to the Bureau Security Officer.

3. Preparation Standards.

A. Only the Bureau Security Officer; Division, Office of the Director, and Office of Program Support Administrative Officers; and designated issuing officers are authorized to sign identification cards.

B. All entries on a card will be completed and typewritten. Corrections by type-over or erasure are not permitted. All identification cards, except the Temporary Pass for volunteers, require a color photograph of the employee, an authenticating signature, and lamination before issue. In all locations except the National Center, issuing officers are responsible for providing necessary color photographs and laminating services. At the National Center, the Branch of Facilities Management will provide color photographs and laminate all identification cards.

4. Control Standards.

A. Control Ledger. Each issuing officer will maintain detailed accountability records of all identification cards that they receive or issue. Separate control ledgers for each type of card will show the card number, date of issue, to whom issued, and office of assignment. Records will reflect the signature of the recipient, and the recipient's printed name and appropriate cancellation information. For cards without a serial number, an in-house numbering system will be established. All blank cards will be entered into the control ledger for future issuance and inventory reconciliation.

B. Safeguarding. Blank stocks of identification cards will be maintained under the positive control of the issuing officer and as a minimum, kept in a locked container/file drawer.

C. Canceling. All cards will be returned to the issuing officers for cancellation when an individual leaves or transfers out of the organization for which the card was issued or the card expires. The control ledger will be dated and marked to show that such cards have been canceled and the card destroyed.

D. Inventories. Upon the designation of a new issuing officer and annually each year, an inventory of blank stocks will be conducted by the issuing officer and the results reconciled with the control ledger. A record of the inventory will be maintained with the control ledger.

E. Inspections. Representatives of the Bureau Security Officer will conduct periodic inspections of USGS activities to insure that security, issuance, and accounting procedures governing personnel ID cards are by these instructions.

5. Responsibilities.

A. Bureau Security Officer is responsible for safeguarding, controlling, and maintaining accountability records of blank stocks of identification cards issued to issuing officers and for conducting periodic reviews of issuing officer's activities to ensure that security procedures are in conformance with this Survey Manual issuance.

B. Division, Office of the Director, and Office of Program Support Administrative Officers are responsible for submitting a memorandum to the Bureau Security Officer of designated issuing officers and for establishing procedures and management controls to ensure compliance with preparation and control standards. Division, Office of the Director, and Office of Program Support Administrative Officers will also safeguard, control, and maintain accountability records of blank stocks of identification cards issued to designated issuing officers.

C. Issuing officers and designated issuing officers are responsible for safeguarding, controlling, inventorying, issuing, and canceling identification cards to meet the foregoing preparation and control standards. Also, the issuing officer will forward any notifications of theft or loss of identification cards to the Bureau Security Officer.

D. Employees and Contractors. Each employee and contractor is responsible for safeguarding identification cards in his or her possession. Employees will immediately report the loss or theft of cards to the issuing officer, explaining the circumstances of the loss.

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