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SM 445-2-H CHAPTER 32

Concessionaire Safety and Health

32.1  Purpose. To specify the minimum Occupational Safety and Health Program (Program) requirements for preparing and enforcing contract clauses that define the Department of the Interior (Department or DOI) and U.S. Geological Survey (Bureau or USGS) requirements for concessionaires with regard to their reasonable protection of the public and property from accidents which are within their control.

32.2  References.

A.  29 CFR 1910, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) General Industry Standards.

B.  29 CFR 1926, OSHA Construction Standards.

C.  Federal, State, and local regulations.

32.3  Requirements.

A.      The USGS requires establishing contracts with concessionaires to include applicable safety and health requirements for protecting the public and USGS personnel in the contracts.

B.  The USGS will monitor and review inspections and educational and other programs conducted by concessionaires for the safety and health of their personnel and the public, as appropriate.

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