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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Subject Index


Object Classification, 330.3

Objectives, USGS, 120.1

Observers, Gage Readers, Samplers, Payments to, 342.1

Obtaining Permission for Access to Private Lands, 500.11

Obtaining Products and Services from Other Federal Agencies, 405.7

Occupational Safety and Health Council, 308.64

Occupational Safety and Health Policy and Responsibilities, 445.1

Office, Billing, 403.15.4C

Office of Surface Mining/USGS Intra-agency Committee for Program Coordination, 308.34

Official Personnel Folder, Release of Information, 205.9

Officials, Principal, 120.10

Officials, Principal Division and Automatic Succession, 302.1

Office of the Director, 302.2

Official Records and Court Testimony, Release of 450.2; 205.9

On-the-Spot Awards, 370.451

Open File, 500.24

Operating Budget, 327.1

Operations Council, 308.4

Options, Contract, 404.3

Oral Orders, 403.2

Oral Presentation and Outside Publication, 502.4


   Office of the Associate Director for Administration, 120.3

     Approvals, 100.1

     Changes, 100.1

     Codes, 100.7

     Creation, Mission, and Functions, 120.1

    Organization Structure, 120.2

    Office of the Associate Director for Climate and Land Use Change, 120.5

    Office of the Associate Director for Core Science Systems, 120.6

    Office of the Associate Director for Ecosystems, 120.7

    Office of the Associate Director for Environmental Health, 120.12

    Office of the Associate Director for Natural Hazards, 120.9

    Office of the Associate Director for Water, 120.10

    Regional Director Offices, 120.11

Orientation, New Employee, 370.405.1

Other Federal Agencies, Policy on Work for, 500.3

Outside Publication and Oral Presentation, 502.4

Outside Work and Interests, 370.735.5

Over-obligation of Allotment, 327.1

Overseas Assignment

      Foreign Differentials and Allowances, 370.592.1

     Nonforeign Differentials and Allowances, 370.591.1

     Travel and Relocation Procedures, 340.6

Overtime, 370.550.1

     Procedure for Requesting, 370.550.1

     Reporting, 370.550.1

Ozone, 402.5

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