Human Capital

Collaboration Resources

Collaborative applications can build effective teams and business relationships, enhance problem-solving skills and promote effective decision-making. Collaboration promotes successful outcomes and partnerships. The USGS CADR office provides these resources to all USGS employees.

Do you want to…?

  • Enhance your team's performance and productivity
  • Address the challenges presented by multi-disciplinary teams
  • Manage meetings where multiple interests are represented
  • Facilitate potentially contentious meetings

Application for Collaboration

There are numerous opportunities to use the tools and techniques referenced on this site. These tools apply for the most informal meetings among colleagues to the more complex where multiple interests are at stake.

The following are a few sample applications where collaborative tools are useful:

  • Meetings to brainstorm ideas, options
  • Strategic planning or visioning exercise
  • Meeting with general public or other key stakeholders
  • Management Issues
  • Organizational change/realignment implementation
  • Poor customer service/poor consumer relations
  • Turf battles among different work units

Collaborative Resource Services include:

Collaborative Applications:

For more information about services provided under Collaboration Resources contact USGS CADR Staff or Organizational Development.