Human Capital

FIRO-B Assessment

Use for Team Building, Leadership Style, and Management Development

The FIRO-BT (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior T) instrument is a powerful tool that assesses how someone's personal needs affect the employee's behavior towards other people. The theory behind the FIRO-BT instrument is based on the assumption that all human interaction may be divided into three categories: issues surrounding inclusion, issues surrounding control, and issues surrounding affection. 

  • The need for Inclusion has to do with forming new relations and associating with people, and determines the extent of contact and prominence that a person needs.
  • The need for Control has to do with decision-making, influence, and persuasion between people, and determines the extent of power or dominance that a person seeks.
  • The need for Affection has to do with emotional ties and warm connections between people, and determines the extent of closeness that a person seeks.

Each item is measured in two dimensions: the expressed behavior of the employee, and the behavior they want from others. The FIRO-BT instrument can provide insight into the employee's compatibility with other people, as well as their individual characteristics. The FIRO-BT instrument can be used in any situation requiring interpersonal behavior measurement, including management development, team building, and employee development. The assessment contains 54 items and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


Use the FIRO-BT Instrument to:

  • TMaximize the impact of your actions at work.
  • TIdentify options for increasing your job satisfaction and productivity.
  • TExplore alternative ways to achieve your career goals.
  • TImprove team effectiveness and explain team roles.
  • TIdentify leadership operating styles.


For assessments, please contact Jennifer Jones.


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