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Mentoring Quotes From the Participants

“The mentoring program has opened up many opportunities for me to network with scientists I otherwise may not have had the chance to work with. I think my experiences with the program have drastically impacted my research, and quite possibly the course of my career--for the better of course. I've met a lot of really fantastic people, and had the chance to go on some really exciting adventures. Overall, the Mentoring Program has been an amazing asset.” (USGS Protégé)

“There was no downside for me in the mentoring experience. Through this relationship I was able to fast-track getting to know the USGS.” (USGS Protégé)

“My mentor provided me with advice during meetings and listened to my concerns and questions.” “Most importantly, my mentor was willing and able to help me find another position within USGS. … One phone call from him and I was able to follow up the effort by showing a prospective project manager my available skills and abilities,” “Otherwise, I would have lost the opportunity to continue working for the one agency I have always wanted to work for.” (USGS Protégé)

“In short, it was an incredibly educational, eye-opening and inspiring experience.” (USGS Protégé)

“Participating in the USGS Mentoring Program has been one of the highlights of my first year of employment with the USGS. I had set out as my goal to learn more about how USGS and DOI in general worked. What I got from my mentoring experiences was much more than that.” (USGS Protégé)

“I found the program to be most rewarding. It gave me a chance to get some outside perspective of how the rest of the USGS works.” (USGS Protégé)

”Involvement in the mentoring program helps new employees to adjust to the work environment, to be able to ask questions about how you fit into the government system of regulations and proper channels, and how to accomplish developing a career with USG.,” (USGS Protégé)

“It has been very useful in giving me a broader perspective of the work that USGS does with other state and federal agencies and allowed me to begin building relationships with other USGS disciplines.” (USGS Protégé)

“Mentoring is a mutual benefit in that I feel I have gained just as much as I have given. I truly feel that the mentor-protégé relationships in which I have been involved have helped me to do my job better as a supervisor and manager. This program has been a great asset in my own career and personal development.” (USGS Senior Level Scientist—Mentor)

“So far, I'm the winner in this relationship. Seems that despite the chaos of the multiple reorganizations I'm having to work through, I have a critical mission to see through to completion and that's providing a different focus to my work life, and it’s becoming a positive force in all I do these days. I think if the organization wants to revitalize a tired (or getting tired) employee, it should pair that person with protégé. What a difference it'll make. And the things I've learned...” (USGS Senior Level Mentor)

"I found the experience to be enjoyable, and recognize the value in having a protégé.” (USGS Mentor)

“The program provides an opportunity for partners to learn from each other and enrich each others lives and careers with the intent of increased job performance.” (USGS Mentor)

“It makes you feel better about being a part of the USGS.”(USGS Mentor)

“Few new employees have access to all the tools they need to thrive in any environment, USGS included. The Mentoring program allows some of this information to be translated in a relaxed, friendly way.” (USGS Mentor)

“Seeing myself from my protégé's eyes actually gave me more confidence to lead.” (USGS Mentor)

“The program provides an opportunity for partners to learn from each other and enrich each others lives and careers with the intent of increased job performance.” (USGS Mentor)


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