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USGS SEES: A Peer-led, Open Source Bystander Intervention Workshop

USGS SEES is designed to reach USGS employees and our collaborative research partners.

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USGS SEES (short for StepUp! Employee Empowerment Strategies) is a peer-led bystander intervention workshop meant to empower employees to hold each other accountable as they strive to treat co-workers inclusively with open-minded dialogue, dignity, and respect. Several workplace health and safety organizations, including the EEOC, the CDC, and the NIH have determined that one of the most successful ways to reduce harassment is a strategy broadly described as "bystander intervention". Bystander intervention is intended to reduce victims' burden of protecting themselves from harassment and shift the burden to the community. The key is to have the community recognize that harmful interactions among scientists and/or anyone in science support roles ultimately harms the science itself. The goals of the USGS SEES Bystander Intervention Workshop are to:

  • Raise awareness of barriers to helping
  • Raise awareness of behaviors that can help
  • Increase attendees' motivation and desire to help
  • Help attendees develop skills and confidence when responding to various levels
    of harassment
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of attendees
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Metrics: USGS SEES has reached more than 1,200 USGS employees since the program started in FY18 (as of end of FY20), and many additional collaborative research partners.

USGS SEES was named in the initial USGS Anti-Harassment Action Plan (April 2018) and the updated Plan (April 2019), and is exactly 4-hours long. Workshop attendees receive 4-hours of credit in DOI Talent. Because it is a 4-hour workshop tracked through DOI Talent, USGS SEES fulfills the annual EEO- and diversity-related training requirement for USGS employees. For information on how to schedule a workshop, please email


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