Human Capital

Workplace Culture Transformation

Portrait of Dr. Jim Reilly

Director’s Message—Putting the Pieces Together

Welcome to the new Workplace Culture Transformation website!

The new Workplace Culture Transformation initiative is about bringing together in a more formal way all the offices, officials, programs and groups that play a role in ensuring the USGS culture is professional and civil. From our Peer Support Worker Program, to our Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution Office, to our Employee Assistance Program, this site ensures that USGS employees have the information they need to access the numerous programs dedicated to creating a positive work environment for all.

For the past two years, the USGS has been working to create and maintain an environment free of harassment. My goal has been—and always will be—to create a workplace that is civil, professional, rewarding, engaging, respectful, and inclusive; and one where all employees have an opportunity to contribute their greatest talents in support of our important mission.

Together, the offices, officials, program managers, and group leaders identified in the “Resources” section of this website are committed to working with all USGS employees to ensure we meet this very important goal.

We recognize the connection between a professional, civil culture and our ability to deliver the best science possible to the American people. And, we recognize the only way to achieve our mission is with the support and dedication of our leaders and all our employees.

Please join me in ensuring we have a culture where individuals, teams, and the bureau can thrive so we can deliver the best science possible to the American people.

Jim Reilly, Director